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Advantages of Professional Pontoon Repairs Gold Coast

Maintaining your boat is as important as maintaining your car. A pontoon boat owner in Gold Coast can do some very basic maintenance, but major repairs are best left to professional pontoon repairs Gold Coast.

As with everything, prevention holds the key when it comes to maintaining your pontoon boat in tip-top condition all the time and every time. However, there comes a time when your pontoon boat needs to be repaired by a professional.


Your old boat is literally begging for a new look. If it’s not in the cards to get a new boat is to update the look of the old one. The best way to easily bring life back to your old and trusty pontoon boat is to have it restored, repaired, and repainted.

Hiring the services of a professional pontoon repair and restorer gains a lot of benefits to make your old pontoon boat look as spiffy and new as on the day you bought it.


Deck repairs

A teak deck begins to look worn, old, and shabby with the wear and tear created by the harsh sun. Boat owners have always seen the teak and cockpit of the boat as its most important part. A horrid-looking cockpit and teak deck will never impress nor allure when the boat is sailed on the water.

Bringing the life back to the teak of the boat can be a DIY job if it was properly installed and if most of them are in good condition. However, a professional job is needed when the teak is lifting off and coming loose. Having this on your boat needs the teak to be lifted off and entirely redone to make it great-looking.

Helm station makeover

Boat manufacturers release updated electronics and products to keep up with the increasing needs and demands of boat owners. This includes creating some new gadgets such as high-definition-radar, enhanced charting software, 3D features, and night vision.

A helm station makeover is the smartest thing to consider rather than simply upgrading your electronics. Doing it this way clears up unwanted clutter in your electronics box. Your next fishing adventure becomes fun and exciting when you only need to use one or two monitors to display all the important information.

A new paint job

A highly-maintained boat will still end up with flaws, fading, and scratches over time. The elements that can cause your boat to look older than its actual age are pollution, bird droppings, and the harsh rays of the sun.

Repainting the entire boat is easily said than done. Painting the boat may be easy, but prepping it right can be difficult. Your DIY paint job will not hold up when some areas of the boat were not properly prepped. Not doing the right amount of sanding the areas of the boat will also cause paint chipping.


Repair solutions offered by Boat Repair Professionals


Professional boat repair services include:

  • Boat trailer repair
  • Transom replacement
  • Leaking rivet repair
  • Structural boat damage repair
  • Top replacement
  • Wood floor refinishing
  • Replacing old furniture
  • Repainting the entire boat

Letting the professionals handle everything from repainting, replacing, updating, and repairing is the smartest way to invest new life into your old boat. Tidal Fenders specialise in pontoon repairs.  We are happy to answer all your questions about boat restoration, repair, and repainting.