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 Castle Green Development

Castle Green in London is approximately 100ha and includes redevelopment of the famous Thames House. offering about 15,000 residential zoned properties it is a development of the future and will be one of the largest operations to date.  It will also house brand new marine areas with complete facilities and also its own train station. Commuters will love the  2km tunnel linking the development to the M25 motorway.

It has been reported that the new development will created around 8000 jobs in the United Kingdom. That should surely make the government happy with the unemployment rates on the rise. With an approval already in the swings of movement there should be elements of risk eliminated for investors.

Castle Green is a developers dream, built in a pristine location with the world at it’s feet. There is nothing that this development does not offer it’s guests. Get in quick to ensure you land a piece of sublime history!