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Tips on Choosing The Right Auger Drive

The Vehicle’s Hydraulic System

For flow and pressure, it is important to consider the kind of hydraulic system your vehicle has so as to choose the right drive matching your system. Hydraulic auger drives have the kind or the ranges of pressure they work best in so experts advise a keen look into your system and finding it’s best fit for top performance.

Many auger drive units prefer a certain range of GPM that is between 5 and 35 and PSI of between 1500 and 3500, so to maximise the torque in digging areas with tough conditions, it is advisable to choose an auger that has a higher GSM of above 15.

That means you will have adequate RPM for removing every type of debris. Therefore don’t just go for any drive without first acquitting yourself with the type of hydraulic system that your vehicle has.

The Type of Auger Bits

When selecting the right auger bits, factors like kind of ground turkey are likely to come across, the length and the diameter of your holes must be put into consideration if one is going to end up with the right auger drive. The four common auger bits that manufacturers offer are tree, rock, light-duty, and heavy-duty.

Light duty is preferred for lighter duties on the grounds that have lesser obstacles since it comes with fabricated teeth with a bolt-on. Heavy-duty, on the other hand, is well equipped for harsh conditions that are likely to have more obstacles.

Tree bits as the name suggests are mostly for digging holes to be used for tree planting, and they come with two auger bits in one. The rock is the toughest bit and is made for digging in solid rock and concrete.

The Hose Type

When selecting the best type of drive that you need for your individual task will require you to have the right hose. Hoses are determined by the type of flow. Lower flows require hoses of a smaller diameter while higher flows will do well with larger hoses.

Most manufactures provide hoses that come with fittings and couplers which are diverse to match your auger drive. Local dealers always help in making houses with unusual diameters and lengths just to ensure your drive unit fits properly.

Not every time you will have adequate information on the type of hose that you need for a specific job. So it is advisable to enquire from the manufacturers about the type of hose you need for your drive unit as well as for a specific task, which will prevent possible mechanical problems from arising.

The Type of Mounts

Vehicles will always come with different types of mounts, so to perfectly determine the best type of drive for your vehicle, you will need to know the type of mount your vehicle has. The most common mount options are the pin-on type which usually hangs from the dipstick or the quick-attach type.

The quick-attach type is quite convenient for any while the pin-on type is more affordable. That aside, whether convenient or affordable, what you need to do is to consult your vehicle operator manual to pick on the right amount and determine the right auger drive.

Mounts are essential in giving the driver the ability to swivel, and these two mounts, the pin-on and the quick attach, enable the driver to swivel in all the four directions, making it highly flexible depending on the site you are working on.