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Innovative Ways of Tyre Disposal

Disposing of old tyres can become a problem once they are no longer roadworthy. An eco-friendly tyre disposal route is the best way to get rid of old tyres. Unrecycled old tyres can pollute our environment from rivers, soil, water supply, and even air. They are likely to catch fire when discarded around a property.

Protecting the environment has become the call everywhere in the world. To this end, tyre disposal needs to be eco-friendly and one of the smartest ways is to recycle them. Did you know that every discarded tyre has the following?

  • 7kg of rubber
  • 5kg of steel
  • 5kg of textiles

A health hazard is created by stockpiling tyres on any property. They become ideal breeding spots for mosquitoes, snakes, and rats. Discarding old tyres on landfill sites could eventually clog them up. Imagining the huge amounts of old tyres buried underground in landfill sites is mind-boggling.

Old tyres can still be a useful product and disposing of them is a colossal mistake.

Tyre disposal has become innovative today and some include:

Source of energy

Shredding old tyres creates electricity. The amount of carbon fuel is reduced when shredded old tyres are used in cement-making kilns.

Rubber roads

Unbelievable as it sounds, rubber roads have been used by the United States since the 60s. The quieter drive provided by rubber roads has benefited driver health as well. Loud traffic sounds coming from noisy roads have been seen by the World Health Organisation as one of the chief causes of heart attacks.

Donate old tyres to the arts and crafts group in your community

Arts and crafts artisans can find creative ways to turn old tyres into masterful works of art. Donating them to your local arts and crafts community is a good way to support their livelihood and a better option than dumping them in your home or landfill.

Shoemakers need them

Shoemakers need rubber material used for producing shoe soles for sneakers, shoes, and sandals. Donating old tyres to them will be highly appreciated.

Donate them to local gyms

Sports clubs and gyms could be one of the best places to recycle old tyres. Their extremely and uniquely challenging workouts can use old tyres as a way of keeping fit.

Donate them to local play parks

There are many ways play parks make use of old tyres. Go-kart arenas can use old tyres as collision resistors. Parks can use them as creative swings for kids.

Other innovative ways a household can recycle old tyres include:

  • Use as garden steps
  • Fashion into an umbrella stand
  • Convert into a dog bed
  • Turn them into sandboxes
  • Tyre lamps
  • Tyre tables
  • Create half-tyre hammocks for the kids
  • Planters
  • Tyre subwoofers or speakers

The sky’s the limit when it comes to recycling old tyres. The key is to recycle and not to dispose outrightly in landfills. Contacting your local recycling centre is a good option when you don’t know what to do with your old tyres.

How to reduce the amount of Tyre Disposal

Tyre disposal can be drastically reduced by:

  • Considering rethread tyres as a way of supporting tyre recycling.
  • Purchasing top quality tyres that are long-lasting
  • Subjecting tyres to a regular maintenance program to prolong their lifespan

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