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Gold Coast Marina- tips for finding the right marina for your boat

Whether you are a new boat owner on one who has been using boats for ages it is important that you make the right choice when it comes to berthing your boat. The Marina that you chose would have a major impact on your boating enjoyment. There are several things which need to be kept in mind because it is important that your boat and your lifestyle should be equally considered when choosing a Marina.

Tips for choosing the right Gold Coast Marina

  • First thing that you should consider is the Anchorage. A good Captain is always on the Lookout for the exposure of the location to the weathering conditions. It is important to keep your vessel safe at all times. A Marina which is exposed to the elements could pose a risk for your boat. It would also have a major impact on your boating experience. It should be kept in mind that if you want to berth your boat at the end of the day, the high wave environment would simply ruin your day with friends or family. This is because it is very difficult to dock the boat in such situations.
  •  Also consider the accessibility of the Marina. You need to make sure that it is easily accessible during all kinds of weather conditions and tidal variances. Certain things which need to be considered include the depth of the water during the approach as well as the tidal flow of the Marina. The water depth also has an impact on the Marina.
  • Do consider if there is enough space to manoeuvre your boat. Boats these days are bigger than the average size boats a decade ago. The space provided by the Marina should be ideal for docking the vessel otherwise inadequate room would mean that the vessel presses against the dock and could get ruined in the long run.
  • Another thing you should consider is the type of Marina. You need to consider the fixed or floating system on the light or the heavy system. It would have a major impact on the security of your boat. The wharf of a fixed marina does not move with the tide. On the other hand floating system comprises of pontoons which rise and fall with the tide and are simply secured to the seabed with piles.
  • You may also need to consider the boating destinations. Marina is usually the launching point for your boating lifestyle. Once you depart the Marina you should know that there are enough spaces to keep you entertained. Whether you like to laze around or sit at the anchor reading your book or whether you prefer sailing or fishing, the proximity of the Marina to these activities is pretty much important and should definitely be considered while looking for a Marina in Gold coast.
  • You should also consider the access allowed for unloading and parking your vessel. Keep in mind that at some Marinas the parking and the loading availability could be quite expensive. Make sure you go for a Gold Coast marina which is well within your budget.