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Tips for cooking food in commercial electric ovens

If you run a restaurant or a food business, the food you offer should have people coming back for more. Productivity is crucial and customers crave speedy, precise and consistent service.  A commercial electric oven is a staple for professional kitchens. There are tips and tricks to help you deliver scrumptious dishes every time. Read on to incorporate these steps and create delicious cuisines.

Cooking on your commercial electric oven

If you want food to be cooked evenly, preheat the oven to the desired temperature half an hour before cooking. The oven should be at correct temperature. Electric ovens have a tendency to fluctuate, use a thermometer to double check the temperature for a precise reading.

An electric oven cooks faster than a regular gas oven because of direct heat transfer. Adjust cooking time accordingly to prevent undercooking or overcooking.  Read the manual for information on specific cooking time for certain foods.

Be mindful of the cookware and choose utensils to help distribute heat properly. Invest in stainless steel, aluminum dishes and pans to ensure proper cooking. Although glass and ceramic cookware looks great but it can shatter or crack in an electric oven. The utensils should be safe and suitable for cooking at a high temperature.

Cook food and place it on the multiple shelves to maximize oven space. Keep rotating the dishes to ensure even cooking and prevent hot spots. There should be ample space between the dishes for proper air circulation.

Use the ovens temperature control to regulate heat and utilize the humidity control when dishing out baked goods. Closely monitor temperature and humidity levels for perfect cooking conditions.

Seasoned cooks can take advantage of advanced features like convection cooking, steam injection and precise temperature control. If you have an option for different cooking modes, experiment with different settings to get optimal results.

 Proper maintenance of the oven and cookware prevents buildup of food residue. Replace the heating elements and cleaning fans when required and ensure a professional comes and checks electrical equipment every six months.

 The above-mentioned tips will make cooking in a commercial electric oven a piece of cake.

Tips for purchasing electric ovens

Standard electric ovens use radiant heat to cook food whereas convection electric ovens use hot air to cook food evenly. Purchase an oven based on its capacity, the amount of food you cook and the number of people your restaurant or food business caters to. Measure oven cavity to know of how much food is cooked in a single round

Find the minimum and maximum temperature range of the oven and the controls the ovens have. You may be tempted to purchase a new one with additional features but it is best to buy one that has controls which are easy to use. Purchase an oven with a timer function so you never go beyond the cooking time. Other ovens have a self cleaning cycle, these are expensive but if budget is not an issue consider purchasing one which self cleans.

Is the vendor offering a warranty with the oven? Check its Energy Star rating and then purchase. There are ovens with specialist settings used by professional chefs. If your establishment employs professional cooks, buy an electric oven worthy of their work.

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