How to Find the Perfect Bike Rack for Your School

Choosing a bike rack can be a tough job. You might not even know which kind is best suited for your needs. Buying a bike rack depends upon the following factors:

  • The model of your bike
  • The number of bikes you want transported
  • The size of your school and additional features which allow you to mouth the bike racks on the roof or at the back of your school
  • Your budget

It is better to think clearly about why and how often you might be using the bike rack and all the above-mentioned facts as well.

Roof racks

Roof bike racks may work well for schools which aren’t too high. These consist of cross bars which can be used for additional purposes as well. You can school all kind of loads on a roof rack. If your vehicle is already fitted with cross bars you might need to buy a compact roof rack which allows you to load and unload your bikes with ease without taking too much space.

However, roof racks aren’t such a good idea for those who have schools which reach above more than 5 feet in height. Keep in mind that you would have to lift up the bike high each time you decide to transport it from one place to another. It might be easier for you but not everyone would be too comfortable doing so.

Bike Racks Australia

Hitch Mounted Racks

There are two varieties of hitch mounted racks. These include

  • Tray style hitch mount

The weight of the bikes is supported by an inbuilt tray. Such racks can easily school all types and models of bicycles. It works well for people who use heavy bikes like the downhill models. The tray style mount can even school up to four bikes at a time.

  • Arm support hitch mount

Arm support hitch racks have a low loading height. However, it may not work well for bikes which are an unusual shape or too large in size. Though there are certain benefits to using these kinds of bike racks because they can actually help protect your bikes from the elements and keeps the buys away as well. Another drawback though is that it can actually extend the length of your school and you might find it difficult to park your school in tight spaces.

Trunk mount racks

Trunk mount racks are the least expensive option and doesn’t require a great deal of work for installation either. These work well for people who might just need to school a single bike and are looking for a budget friendly option.

Finding the right bike rack

When buying a bike rack, make sure you keep the following in mind

  • Check for durability. A bike rack should be sturdy enough to hold your bike. This is important if you have to transport a heavy bike every now and then.
  • Buy from a licensed dealer only. In case there’s a problem with the bike rack you could always ask the dealer to get it repaired for you.

For the best commercial bike racks available in Australia take a look at these ones.

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