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Reliable Service offers from a Commercial Electrician on the Gold Coast

Optimising the daily operations of your business in Gold Coast demands a reliable commercial electrician Gold Coast. A good commercial electrician is one that considers the importance of your business to go the extra mile of completing some works out of hours when needed.

A highly-skilled, experienced, and reliable commercial electrician is capable of doing the following electrical jobs in your business, to include:


Data Cabling & Phone Point

The top priority for new businesses is to set up their computer and phone networks. This means that everyone working on the premises needs to have access to the internet and phone outlets. A good commercial electrician is the expert help that can install additional phone points and extra data around the office to ensure optimum communication connection to everyone.

Your intercom system needs an upgrade when it’s acting up. The right model equipped with the latest technology can be installed by a commercial electrician minus fuss and muss.


Air conditioning systems installation, cleaning, and maintenance

Opting for the split air conditioning systems for your business can be seamlessly and properly installed by the right commercial electrician. The split type air conditioning unit is the ideal choice for single room heating and cooling.

The latest air conditioning systems are a good option to consider installing in your business. Opting for them gives you control over temperature regulation via a phone app. This means the ability to turn on or off multiple units in your office from anywhere.

Air conditioners are likely to fail or function less efficiently when they are dirty. The accumulated dirt in an air conditioning system can also significantly impact the health of everyone working in the office. The best way to get optimum performance from air conditioning systems as well as prevent germs from spreading is to have them regularly cleaned. A regular cleaning schedule can be established with your choice of a commercial electrician to maintain optimum function and health.

Smoke Alarm installations

The Queensland legislation has passed smoke alarm regulations for both residential and commercial structures. Hiring the services of a reputable commercial electrician is the best way to comply with the regulations.

Installing the smoke alarm system in your business will make the commercial electrician do the following, to include:

  • Install interconnected smoke alarms
  • Install in compliance with current smoke alarm safety guidelines
  • Install the required photoelectric smoke alarms

Existing smoke alarms in your business also need to be checked by a commercial electrician to comply with regulations. The commercial electrician will do the following steps in checking the smoke alarms:

  • Complete a smoke test
  • Check the expiry date. A smoke detector is required to be replaced when it’s ten years old
  • Change the batteries
  • Advise if each detector’s location complies with the new regulations


Perform Electrical Safety Audit

A commercial electrician needs to perform an electrical safety audit in your business if:

  • There’s presence of inconsistent wiring due to DIY electrical work
  • There’s circuit tripping. Circuit tripping is indicative of leakage or overload
  • Electrical wiring is older than 20 years
  • You are concerned about the electrical in your business

A good commercial electrician will work with all your needs without putting a wrench in the daily operations of your business. Switchpress commercial electricians in Gold Coast can assist you in getting your property properly wired.