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Commercial development

We can do a lot for your business

Adapt to the needs of the new market and find out how to feed development.
Analyze the market environment to create new growth phases.

Often the company blends into the market, limiting itself to contrasting competition with protection of its commercial assets. In the new perspective of digital evolution, the company attracts customers with the use of communication channels and the dissemination of its know-how, attributing to its provision an asset value of selection and data collection.

The experience of CSSA partners in understanding, designing and following the development of companies is the enhancement of the best possible strategy. We arrive at its identification with the fragmentation of your proposal to retrace it and reconstruct it with new techniques.

Everything starts with the company X-ray in terms of production, productivity, consolidation, targets and objectives, data that contribute to the realization of the feasibility study.

What expectations can feed your company?
Eliminate the braking parts, segment the market and the acquisition channels, model the development directly on the character of the company. This, in a nutshell, is our way of working by first finding the answers to open questions, providing a correct and detailed swot analysis of what we are, of who competes for our market shares, which opportunities represent new spaces, how much company must invest and with what percentage of risk to achieve its goals.
How to communicate, what to say, how to exploit strategy and timing to get the most out of it. Reorganize the sales department, concentrating the tasks assigned to the roles, activating a system of control of the activities and parameters, capable of intervening and correcting the activities in progress.


Production sector
The production sector (aimed at trade) depends on the ability of the company and product to create, interest, reach and retain the largest number of customers. This goal requires speed, flexibility and targeted investments.

Brain storming represents the widest possible expansion of objectives, eventuality, riskiness and vision. It is fed by the data and the corporate objectives evaluated in relation to the sector average and the volume that the specialization shares.

Identification of kpi (key performer indicators) or csf (critical success factors) determines the type of interventions, these can be developed both in terms of improving the production cycle to recover profitability, and in reorganizing the internal sales office and applied methods, up to the analysis of new markets or changes in the proposition.

Distribution sector
The distribution sector is examined starting from the composition of the mix offered and the marketing tools available to it, subsequently it is evaluated in a feasibility study that highlights the catchment area, the density of the present proposal, the activity of the competitors, to highlight the solutions that, compared with the balance sheet data, are more profitable when the goal is reached.

The business development plan represents the X-ray of the roads that can be followed with the identification of the quickest way to time to business with careful cost control. The new strategies provide both pathway variables and transformations of the business method. Then the application of the advantages of a programmed and controlled growth, facilitates the company choices by preventing and budgeting costs and investments, tracing new objectives.