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Aluminium Ute Canopies

You can find companies that offer a large variety of aluminium ute canopies in various sizes. There are part tray canopies from 700 mm to 2400 extended canopies that fit a single cab ute. All aluminium ute canopies are designed to be extra strong and durable. They’re specially made to stand out for trade or off-road utilisation. You can find many options to choose from and different styles. You can be sure that the companies selling aluminium ute canopies offer high-quality all across Australia.

1. Fit a variety of vehicles

You can find aluminium ute canopies made to fit many different vehicle styles and sizes. Among the selection are the dual cab, extra cab, single cab, and part-tray canopy. All of the available designs are constructed with extremely durable aluminium and are seam welded to make them extra strong. All of the products sold have stainless steel T-locks to make sure that all of your possessions and tools are kept safe. Ute is an Australian icon and loved by tradies around the country. They can move heavy loads, offer more space than a station wagon or sedan does and are easier to manoeuvre than a van.

 2. Weather-resistant

Companies providing aluminium ute canopies design them so they can withstand the harsh Australian weather elements. They come with seals made of rubber to make sure that dust and water cannot get inside. They’re built of high-quality materials and specially designed for on and off-road adventures.

3. Thickness of aluminium ute canopies

Usually, aluminium ute canopies have a thickness of 2.0-2.5mm. It all depends on the model and the required strength. The thicker the canopies and toolboxes, the more reliable and more durable. So when you’re looking for an aluminium ute canopy, let the company know what kind of vehicle you require it for and how you plan on using it.

Benefits of aluminium ute canopies

The alloy is lighter, so there is less impact on the ute’s fuel economy and load-carrying capacity. It requires a lot less maintenance and is very hardy with high-abrasive resistance. They are specially tailor-made and accessorised to suit both work and leisure purposes. Utes have many different features like drawers, shelving, toolboxes, and trays. There are even fridge slides for taking camping trips.

Take into consideration

When you get an aluminium ute canopy installed, it impacts its gross-vehicle mass. This can affect the handling, steering, and towing ability. Even though an aluminium ute canopy is light, it still puts extra weight on vehicles. It will also affect how much you can pack into your ute and how much you’ll be able to tow. Please take into consideration all who travel with you, such as people and pets who add their weight. Then you also have to consider what tools and equipment you keep in your ute. Once you have fitted your ute with a canopy and want to put equipment on top, you have to make sure that it’s fitted with an approved roof-rack.

Aluminium ute canopy prices

Prices for canopies range from $1500 for an aluminium ute half canopy that you fit yourself to over $5000 for canopies off the shelf and for those that are custom-made. They all come with warranties that range from one year to three years or a lifetime. If you find that a new aluminium ute canopy cuts into your budget, there are plenty of second-hand ones you can consider.